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Maffei, Raig centro de terapias internacional
Family Constellations

Family constellations is a systemic therapeutic method.

Provide solutions to the disorders in the human systems.


The disorders may be displayed as:

  • Physical illness, somatic illness.

  • Psychic illness.

  • Difficulties in personal relationships, family relationships or organizational difficulties.

  • Difficulties to rich objectives.


Directed by Sylvia Maffei


Energetic Synthesis - Olga Lava Mares

I began my journey by training as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor at AEKY. By doing so, I discovered my natural talent and vocation to help others as well as my great fascination for people and their adaptation processes, by observing how the capacities acquired by each individual determine the thin line that separates health from illness. 

After studying Psycho-Energic Kinesiology I understood that the Human Being is a whole and cannot be interpreted by parts, as all of these parts are related and interact continuously, affecting each other. I could also demonstrate how emotional processes are able to shape body postures and how the organs, viscera and glands affect our structure. In addition, I was also able to demonstrate how our body posture has an influence in our mood and as a consequence in our way of interacting in the world. 

I carried on studying several techniques in order to acquire more tools to provide a better service and emotional support to my clients. All of the above mentioned previous experience backed up with ten more years working as a therapist, helped me develop my own working method which I’have named: Energetic Synthesis.


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