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Maffei, Raig centro de terapias internacional
Maffei, Raig & Raig Centro de Terapias Internacional

Our mission is to provide service to the personal needs of personal growth, emotional learning, and health maintenance.


To be a key complement in processes of disease, grief of any kind, providing our clients new and innovative ways of training, accompaniment and / or therapies to obtain an integration and immediate assimilation of the own resources and new skills.


Our vision is to be a reference organization in the emotional learning incorporating the last innovations in assimilation of knowledge, learning and complementary therapies.


Compromised with the innovation and the research on new personal resources.



And, in this place you will find us, a professional team committed to our lives’ mission.


We live changing times which demand from us to use new approaches and tools to cope with.


Our mission is to accompany you and to help you to bring out all your inner resources to give a new meaning to your life.


You are a treasure waiting to be discovered, unique, one and only…but are you aware of it?



Our values are:


  • To commit with personal and professional ethics.

  • To provide professionals skilled and in permanent training.

  • To be compromised with the result.

  • To innovate by bringing new resources and methods.

  • To unite efforts for the common good.

  • To work with openness and trust.

  • To work towards and for the personal growth and health of the persons we treat.



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