To know that yourself begins with the decision to do it...

Maffei, Raig & Raig Centro de Terapias Internacional
Maffei, Raig centro de terapias internacional

Sylvia Maffei Abreu, born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1964.


After a long process of personal growth and overcoming my own life experience, I specialized in accompaning people in their own process.


I am a humanist therapist, I have Practitioner formation, a Master and a Trainer degree in PNL, I am a Gestalt therapist, I have Family Constellations (systemic) training and practice, and I am a Senior Technician in Prevention of Psychosocial Risks.


I work with a variety of tools like Cerebral Integration ® techniques, Eriksonian Hipnosis, and Regressive Therapy among others.


They always ask me What is to be a humanist therapist? Humanistic therapy is the one which considers each individual as unique and a whole in itself. It is about to know that we all have in ourselves the potencial to develop and growth with autonomy from our self-reliance.


I bring the torch but you have to walk the way….

We are rich and we do not know it.


You have an enormous potential waiting to be developed, but by who? By yourself.


You and, only you can make it real and meet your inner being, a meeting with something longed for, forgotten in a corner of yourself.


Our way of working is responsible and ethic, we put all our knowledge to your rich, to take the most of it in the shorter possible time.


We work with openness providing you the theory to clarify the doubts you may have.


We compromise ourselves to investigate new lines of work to improve your therapeutic process and like this potentiate your personal growth.

The most common problems which come to me use to be:

  • Personal growth processes

  • Problems with intimate relationships or partners

  • Communication and relationship problems

  • Altered feelings

  • Phobias

  • Accompaniment in grieving processes

  • Emotional management in situations of illness

  • Lack of motivation in the present

  • Others




My tools, my basic techniques.


Complementary therapy which contributes to personal growth. Created by Bert Hllinger, it organizes and heals the energy of our family system. 


PNL is defined as “the science of the subjective experience”: It studies the processes across which we think, we learn, we act, we organize our internal information, we obtain resources and we change.


It develops the capacities of observation and behavioral flexibility to make possible to obtain the personal and professional aims across skills and tools easy to learn and apply.



It develops the human potential highlighting the interaction between the organism and the field.

  • To live here and now. To observe and to live through the moment. Auto-regulation.

  • To stop imagining, daydreaming and experiencing the royal (real) thing.

  • Not to judge, to justify or to manipulate.

  • To take responsibility of our own action.

  • To accept ourselves as we are. Acceptance and surrender to the inevitable.


TIC (Cerebral Integration Therapy)

It is a rapid and seemingly simple Tool for the overcoming of traumas and bounding beliefs between(among) others.



Used as complementary tool to several types of therapy, it allows to reach the subconscious and to be able to transform that  which prevents us to obtain our aim.




Tool based on the hypnosis and the deep easing that allows to come to the origin of traumas allowing to revert processes suspended in the time.


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